Steve Luxembourg

Short Film \ 2015

Ce que je n'ai jamais vu

The title of this film refers to the jamais vu phenomenon, which, in contrast to a déjà vu, does not describe the sudden feeling of already having experienced a specific situation before, but rather the perception of strangeness in a previously familiar environment, often caused by a special, dramatic event. In my case, this has been the attack on "Charlie Hebdo" in early January 2015, which suddenly made all the places in Paris – where I was living at the time – seem strange, cold and empty. I began to search for images to translate this mood and experience into a video work and eventually found scenes in Paris as well as in my home region Alsace. The short film does not explicitly focus on the assassination as such, but rather conveys impressions of coldness, escape, fear, emptiness, threat and incomprehensibility.