Steve Luxembourg

Short Film \ 2021

A Soul Lives 'Til a Candle Burns

'Something's lurking in the shade of the walnut trees. A vanished town. I'm strolling barefoot through the sleeping streets of a foreign home. In the shimmering light of the French noon heat, memories become melting shadows; open wounds in a summer between stagnation and change.' What remains? In my film 'A Soul Lives 'Til a Candle Burns' I deal with the illness of loved ones and the end of a relationship, presented as an intimate project between autobiographic self-questioning and poetic coming-of-age. Accompanied by a fragmentary story of diary entries, travel letters and poetry, I stage places on the borders of civilisation and nature, and combine them with my own found objects and music to create a film work as an escape from the darkness of the swoon. 'You can hardly remember this summer, nor the autumn, nor the first snow. I am older than you now.'