Steve Luxembourg

Short Film \ 2023


In a short film shot on Super 8 material, I present my search for traces around the largely undeveloped area of Kandern's former clay works. While the remains of industrial utilisation and history are omnipresent in the series, the film work concentrates more on searching for them than on actually finding them. The raw aesthetic of the film material creates a sense of distant memories shining through, reflecting the current state of the site and its surroundings. The series and the short film TONSPUREN portray and document the industrial landscape of the town of Kandern at a time characterised by upheaval, demolition, stagnation, and ambiguity. Beyond the artistic and documentary view, it is an invitation to dialogue, creates awareness and poses questions: How do we as a community in the pottery town deal with local and contemporary history? What visions of the future are unfolding with regard to Kandern's industrial heritage?