Steve Luxembourg

Photographic Series \ 2023


Whilst the local artistic ceramic craft continues to remain widely visible, traces of Kandern's industry are in the process of disappearing: The demolition of the clay works in 2007 left behind a huge wasteland at the entrance to the town; at the end of 2020, the fireclay factory on the Hintere Mühle site ended its production, marking the final transition of Kandern's clay industry into the town's history. In a series of 30 photographs, I document the architecture, remnants, and atmosphere of the Hintere Mühle area, a place with as much potential as it holds unanswered questions about its conversion and further use by the city, culture and local businesses. The photographs of the extensive site and its buildings enter into a discourse with found objects of chamotte production. The series is structured by images of white earth dust created using analogue enlargement techniques.